Treatment & Diagnosis

What you can expect from initial consultation onwards


Getting to know you

During the initial consultation, your personal information will be taken including lifestyle details, diet, sleep, emotional state, and any relevant past medical history.  Your main complaint will be discussed. However, it is worth noting that many patients come for treatment without being aware of any particular issue but wish to use regular sessions as a form of preventative medicine to maintain optimal health and well being.

You will then receive your first treatment based on your diagnosis. This initial appointment can last up to 90 mins.

The experience

Acupuncture involves very fine, sterile needles being inserted into specific points on the body.  In Five Element Acupuncture, the needles are rarely left in - they are inserted for an instant to connect with the meridian point and then removed.

As well as treatment of initial ailments, many patients report feelings of well-being and relaxation following a treatment, as well as increased energy and clarity of thought.

An ongoing treatment plan will be designed around your needs and the results of the initial diagnosis. Subsequent treatments take 45 mins to 1 hour.


Typically, a course of treatment would start with weekly appointments for four weeks progressing to fortnightly sessions with the interval between treatments increasing over time. The objective being to reach ‘maintenance', where you would be seen once a season.

Individual cases do vary, and some conditions may take longer to treat, and this will be discussed during your first appointment. Reaching and maintaining a stable level of balance takes time and requires commitment from both the patient and practitioner.

"I feel very calm and comfortable in Alex’s care and he is very understanding and helps me through some big emotions. The treatments are great and really help with my pregnancy. I feel lighter and happier after my sessions with him."

- Jesse (31), London