An ancient approach to balance

About Five Element Acupuncture


So many of us are seeking change in our lives but perhaps don’t know where to turn given the overwhelming range of options available. Five Element Acupuncture isn’t just a medicine, it’s an intensely personal journey to restore equilibrium and harmony within yourself.

The core insight behind Five Element Acupuncture is that many physical symptoms are the result of spiritual and emotional imbalances. They are problems that stem from within, rather than having arisen due to external events.

Ancient Wisdom

The ancient Chinese believed that vital energy (chi) travels through our bodies along pathways called ‘meridians’. When we are in good health, the flow of chi is smooth and uninterrupted. When illness strikes, this flow is disturbed.

Through diagnosis, we aim to isolate the cause of your imbalances. Working with needles and ‘moxa’ and your natural capacity to heal, we restore balance and harmony by realigning energy flows and addressing energy blockages, which in turn help your body to heal itself from within.


Acupuncture stimulates precise points along ' meridians' to restore the flow of life-giving energy (chi). During treatment many people describe a tingling sensation along the exact pathway of a meridian, without knowing that those pathways exist.

Five Element Acupuncture is far older than the standard version practiced by many acupuncturists. Standard acupuncture (also known as ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’) is a simpler form of acupuncture developed in the 20th century by China's Communists to provide a ‘quick fix’ for physical symptoms.

A deeper approach

Five Element acupuncture, by contrast, is a more holistic approach that addresses deeper imbalances by re-aligning and unblocking energy throughout the entire body. By going deeper, it deals with emotional issues manifesting as physical symptoms.

Five Element Acupuncture was taught by the late Professor J.R. Worsley, who brought this older style of acupuncture from China to the West. Alex has been taught by J.R.’s protégé - Gerad Kite, who is now the leading light in the field. He has written books on the subject and now runs a school training the next generation of practitioners.


Five Element Acupuncture stems from Taoism, whose teachings were built up over centuries of observation into how nature works and how we, as part of nature, must follow ‘Natural Law’. This knowledge has been passed down via a continuous line of Masters and Students, through both oral teachings and written texts.

Science is now catching up with the wisdom of the ancient Chinese masters, with an increasing number of studies showing how acupuncture works to stimulate our body’s natural healing processes.