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Five Element Acupuncture courses and certification


Based in the most tranquil and enriching locations in the South of France, Gerad Kite’s school offers an ‘Apprenticeship in Five-Element Acupuncture’. The curriculum has been thoughtfully crafted for those who have little or no previous experience in this ancient technique but are seeking a new and rewarding career opportunity.

The course is based on and structured around the master/apprentice approach to study, by layering the learning in the classroom with practical experience and ongoing mentorship.

For more information about this most rewarding and fulfilling vocation and how to book a place on the course, please visit his website.


At LIFEA, we provide information, experience and guidance, but we do not take responsibility for how you learn, making our training unique to others on offer. As a LIFEA student, you will be required to demonstrate throughout the course that you have the passion, integrity and application to meet all that is needed to be one of the next in line of this ancient lineage.