Acupuncture for stress

with Five Element Acupuncture

Using acupunture to
combat stress & anxiety?

Stress and anxiety have reached epidemic proportions in modern society, with many of us suffering from chronic levels of stress over many years - to the point that we may no longer even realise it.

Apart from taking away significantly from our quality of life and sense of contentedness, on-going and un-treated high-levels of stress can have a seriously detrimental affect on our physical health, leading to higher instances of cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses.

"It was like I gained a new perspective. Everything became just a little bit clearer - and seemed that little bit less overwhelming. And that was after just the first session."

- Greg T, Southfields


Many of us are particularly prone to stress and anxiety. We feel it more acutely than those around us, and blame ourselves for not ‘coping’ as well as others. We turn to Western Medicine but are offered merely remedies that dull the symptoms of our stress and anxiety. We turn to meditation, mindfulness and counselling - and although effective, we’re often already too wound-up to make the most what they have to offer. Our inability to overcome our stress and anxiety thus becomes yet another thing to get stressed about.

"Just taking some time out to talk and discuss how anxious I had become made a difference in itself. And after the treatment I walked away feeling calmer for the first time in months."

Katie M, Guildford

Reverse the cycle

And that is where Classical Five Element Acupuncture comes in. We view our struggle with stress and anxiety not as a character flaw or some physical deficiency, but rather as due to a buildup of blocked energy within the body. With Classical Five Element Acupuncture, we seek to unblock energy and allow it to flow naturally once again, giving you a greater sense of balance, perspective and inner calm. And thus working with your innate self-healing abilities, eradicate the symptoms of stress.

Where you would once over-react to stressful stimuli, you’ll find that your newly-balanced self can deal with stress and anxiety more easily. And what’s more, you’ll be able to make even more of any other complementary therapies, accelerating your progress.

"The acupuncture has really helped to make me feel more at ease - which has made meditating a lot easier. It's difficult to meditate when you're in 'crisis mode'. "

Rodney H, London

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