Facial regeneration

via Five Element Acupuncture

A beautiful face
from the inside out

Facial cosmetic acupuncture rejuvenates and re-energises the skin by doing four important things. One: It stimulates collagen production - increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles. Two: It prompts lymphatic drainage - improving your skin’s tone and complexion. Three: It tightens muscles to reduce sagging. And four: it increases the flow of blood and oxygen - giving the skin a youthful, healthy ‘glow’. Thus acupuncture works from the inside out, jump-starting the body’s own natural processes to reduce the signs of ageing, and improving the long-term health of your skin.

"…a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery and the effects can run much deeper than simply improving appearances."

- The Irish Times

Better than Botox

Let’s be clear - Botox involves injecting mild poison into the skin to paralyse muscles. That’s all it does. Thus it provides a very unnatural and temporary quick-fix. It has no effect on your skin’s complexion or elasticity. And it does nothing for the long-term heath of your skin. Once it wears off, you’re back to square one.

"All the fresh blood and oxygen flood the face and really bring it back to life."

A 3-step process
over 10 treatments

Step One: we insert needles (painlessly) in strategic points on your face and neck to activate your facial muscles and boost the flow of blood and life giving Qi. Step Two: more needles are inserted into frown lines and wrinkles, activating the natural generation of collagen, smoothing out lines. The needles stimulate the skin’s self-repairing mechanisms, bringing all its the healing properties to the surface of the skin. Step Three: The needles are then removed, and you’ll receive a full-facial treatment aiding lymphatic circulation, increasing the elimination of toxins and the supply of nutrients to the cells. We recommend this 3-step treatment once a week for a 10 week period.

"It’s as though the skin has been awakened from a long, deep sleep."

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